Oct 20, 2014

Ghost Hunting with EMF Analyser

How does it detect ghosts?

As with all EMF Meters, the EMF Analyser tool does not detect ghosts directly, but instead allow you to identify anomalies in the electromagnetic fields (EMF) which is indicative of their presence along with other forms of paranormal activity. The Ghost Hunters TV programme is a perfect example of their use.

The exact amount of manipulation to the electromagnetic fields varies greatly between different hauntings, so investigation is needed whenever a tool like this is used.

Investigating paranormal activity

As all ghost hunters will tell you, most ghost hunting starts with anomaly hunting; this is, finding those bitos of data that stand out as being significant. With a camera it is, to name a few, unexplained blurring, bright ‘orbs’ or faint figures/silhouettes, but with the EMF Analyser it is deviations in EMF strength like the following…

  • Sudden spikes after asking a question
  • Changes in strength that correlate with sights/sounds/temperatures etc
  • Deviation from baseline reading

How do I start ghost hunting?!

It’s simple, just download EMF Analyser for free from Google Play and start ghost hunting!

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